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WORX WG782 Review
  • Cordless and 24 Volt battery operated
  • Special blades for mulching
  • 14%u201D cutting width
  • IntelliCut
  • Adjustable cutting height of 1.8%u201D to 3.3%u201D
  • 3 in 1 functions
WORX WG782 Review:

The WORX WG782 is a small to fit in the garage but hard on grass tool that you can give a thought when choosing a mower for your lawn. Although it looks like just a toy because of its plastic body, this machine is enough to mow a 10,000 square feet ward with a single charge. Even though the plastic body doesn%u2019t sound so long lasting, yet the sturdy and overall quality of the plastic is surprisingly impressive.

The IntelliCut is a feature to be excited about. This feature enables the machine to put extra power in mulching when you are on taller and thicker grass. With this, you also have the option to vary the cutting height from 1.8%u201D to 3.3%u201D, so that you get a lawn that looks just what you wanted it to look like.

Being light weight certainly deserves a like, as it gets easier for the user to maneuver. This also makes life way easier while going up a steep. No will not have to waste a drop now with WORX WG782 when going up a steep to mow the grass. It would be even nicer if the wheels were a bit larger, as that would provide a greater control on the machine.

If you have a small garage where you really need to cut on the size of everything to fit, this is the mower for you. It is quite small, and also, you can fold the handles to get it use even lesser space. The blade is of only 14%u201D of width, which is great to fit in a small space, but covers only a small width while mowing. You therefore have to spend quite some extra time to mow the whole lawn. This is why, the WORX WG782 is recommended for small gardens and lawns. You might take a whole day or even more than that to cover a large lawn, which you wouldn%u2019t want.

Its Pros:
  • Easy to start. Requires just a push on the start button
  • Runs on battery, so no gasoline hassle
  • Mobility due to being cordless allows the user to take it anywhere
  • IntelliCut and special mulching power to get a consistent cut
  • Battery lasts usually for 40 minutes
  • Comfortable to handle, for the handles are well cushioned for comfort
  • Handle can be adjusted to different heights for users of varying height
The Cons:
  • Adjusting the cutting height can be a slight disturbing
  • Wheels are too small for a comfortable handling
  • Covers a shorter width at a time
The WORX WG782 is a helpful for small lawns and if you have a small space in your garage to keep it. The IntelliCut is a neat feature, but the wheels make it hard to roll over bumpy places. It is best to mow the lawn once in every week or at least two if you want the best performance from this machine.
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